South Bay Community Services | Headstart Facility

About This Project

The South Bay Community Service Building is a Headstart facility that provides the first educational exposure for preschool children, aged one to four, in a rural agricultural community.


Standing as a “beacon” in the sugar cane fields, the multi-colored facades contrast sharply with the green green backdrop of the agricultural fields beyond. The “L” shaped component, containing eight classrooms with individual “Life in the Glades” themes, is designed to form edges and containment of the outdoor play area providing the necessary security for the pre-schoolers. “While the farmers are raising cane outside, the kids are raising Cain inside.”


South Bay, Florida


Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners


19,250 square feet


$3 Million

Recipient of

American Institute of Architects, Palm Beach Chapter
Honor Award for Design, 2006

Civic Space, Education