Palm Beach County Fire Rescue – Station No.40 | Boynton Beach

About This Project

Stephen Boruff Architects + Planners, Inc. was awarded the contract to develop the design for the new fire station for Palm Beach County based on the previous prototypical designs that respond to the architecture of this community, Our firm’s design principals for fire station design use a holistic approach for personal well-ness to create spaces that impact and positively affect the human behavioral response. We understand that certain colors, noises, smells, and spatial adjacencies are proven to raise cortisol, already high when one is under stress. The high cortisol impacts one’s ability to reason, con-duct orderly logical sequences, and interact with others. Creating sleep-friendly environments in addition to all the technical spaces needed is something that is balanced with the user in mind. In addition, the overall facility is designed to minimize cross-contamination from firefighters, PPE, and equipment returning from an IDLH fire environment. Based on the “Hot Zone” concept, the design creates a traffic flow from Hot to Cold Zone (dorms, day room, and office space). The transition area (Warm Zone) includes DECON for equipment, PPE and staff, (showers, ex-tractors, gear drying) preventing contaminated staff from entering the cold zone. Additionally, air exchange systems are used to prevent contaminated air from entering the cold zone (higher pressure in the cold zone).


Boynton Beach, Florida


Palm Beach County Board of Country Commissioners


3.2 Million


6,000 square feet


March 2022 (est.)

On the Boards, Public Safety